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Gather ’round, it is time to revisit the antiquated and much missed quality of sportsmanship. It seems that this world has totally forgotten the word, let alone the meaning of sportsmanship.  When someone loses, it is time for blame-someone-else-ship and … Continue reading

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9/11 – It Changed the World

Originally posted on margiehudson81:
Here we are. September 11, 2013. 12 years later. Everyone who was breathing on that incredible, surreal day knows exactly where they were, exactly what they were doing. As a nation, the United States held her…

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It Has Been A While

Life interrupts.  That has become one of my favorite terms. It’s true, you know.  Life has a way of herding us in the direction of what life feels are our priorities, and our ‘plans’ are simply pushed aside until life … Continue reading

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Which is worse, the action or the reaction?

Unless you have been hidden under a huge rock in one of the small corners of the globe without any contact with television or internet, you know that there has been a landslide of bad happening in the land of … Continue reading

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The 105 day trial

I know, I know, the standard trial period is either 30 days or 90 days! However, my life did not allow me to write this blog fifteen days ago, so here it is, on day 105. 105 days ago, on … Continue reading

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Another new title

Logged on here to discover it has been 8 months since my last post. The intervening time is for another day. Today is about taking on a new title. We all have titles. It starts at birth. Our first child … Continue reading

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It has been a while. Somehow the thought “I should write a blog today” gets pushed off until tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Much has happened since the last post of January 30th. I’ll summarize quickly – I finished spring … Continue reading

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“Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men”

My title is from a poem by Robert Burns called “To A Mouse”, although many don’t recall that fact even though they are very familiar with the above line. It is usually indicative of something that has been planned that … Continue reading

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100 Years

100 Years. One Century. 1200 months. 5200 weeks. 36,500 days. However you want to look at it, a LONG time. Our current view of the world is directly time centered. Its been so many hours, days, weeks, months, years since … Continue reading

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Thoughts from a Veteran, on Veteran’s Day

I had this blog all written in my head. Knew exactly what I was going to say, and how I was going to say it. Yesterday, it all changed. Every single solitary word. My husband, who is also a veteran, … Continue reading

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