I am a mother of 3 – my 29 year old son who was born with multiple birth defects, and has an interstitial deletion of the 7th chromosome; my 27, almost 28 year old daughter, who is married and the mother of my 2 year old grandson; and my college sophomore, 19 years old, who is an inspiration to me. I’ve been married to my husband almost 29 years – he is now dealing with diabetes, thyroid disease, arthritis, obesity and lymphedema. He spent 75 days in a nursing home last year and almost lost both legs. I have degenerative disc disease, and some arthritis, but I keep on and take care of my two guys as best I can. I will be 50 this year, and needed a venue to vent, throw my ideas out there, and try to get people to care about something. So I am not asking you to agree with everything I say. All I’m asking is that you think on it, and act on it if you are moved to do so. I don’t understand this blogging thing real well yet – but I am going to learn.

I am also involved in a group on facebook, Curing Cancer With a Smile, and provide support to those dealing with that horrid disease as best I can. One of the co founders of that group is actually where I got the idea of a blog. Facebook posts are great – but I wanted to try to reach others, besides those on my friends lists.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Natasha says:

    Hello Margie – I nominated your blog for the Liebster award. Please see the following post for more information. http://crown7cacb.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/the-liebster-award/

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