It Has Been A While

Life interrupts.  That has become one of my favorite terms. It’s true, you know.  Life has a way of herding us in the direction of what life feels are our priorities, and our ‘plans’ are simply pushed aside until life decides that it is okay to let us have our way.  Of course, we all have free will. We can tell life to take a long walk on a short pier, but we never do. Well, that isn’t true, either, because we all have, at least once, and once we dust ourselves off from the fiasco that ensues by trying to put life in its place we know that we must never do THAT again!

Until today.  Today, I interrupt. I am taking a me day. I have not done that in so long, that I’m really not sure what that means, but I’m doing it anyway.  Of course, life is not real happy with my decision. It even snuck into my brain and before I knew it, on my self-imposed day off I had rearranged my underwear drawer! Well, I stopped that insidious little thing just as quickly as I could. I even left the vicinity so that there would be no opportunity for temptation. I headed to the computer, figuring that I’d write this post and fool around on Facebook for a bit.  Here comes life again, telling me that the budget for the next year still isn’t in the computer, and I should do that.  NO! I tell you, life, I’m taking a day off!!!  So I headed here to write this, my checkbook right in front of the keyboard to remind me that the budget remains unfinished, my two white boards next to me with all the things that are scheduled (mainly work) for the next month, along with all the events for the next two months after that, and again I resolved to take the day off. It will be a while before I have another day with absolutely nothing going on, and I should take advantage of it.  Life is in my brain, whispering all the things I can get done today because I don’t have to work.  I’m in my brain as well, telling life all about the glories of that aforementioned long walk.

I’ll fill you all in on my adventures since I last visited later.  Today is my day off.

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