Curve Balls (it IS October)

Yes, it is October. That time of year when the United States baseball fans’ thoughts turn to the World Series. I guess the title is rather arrogant, since we haven’t ever really invited the world to play. I believe the games start tomorrow, so I’ll say best of luck to the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants, this year’s competitors.

You know, curve balls come at us all the time, not just on the baseball field. Everyday life can throw some doozies! My grandson’s autism diagnosis was a curve ball – one that we will always have to deal with. My own son’s birth with multiple health and developmental issues – another permanent curve ball, if you will. Of course, there are the curve balls of our health. Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, lupus, leukemia, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, celiac disease, and any other illness or even injury that causes a change in the pattern of our daily life can be considered a curve ball. Some are just little ones. Others come at us so hard and so fast that we don’t realize for quite some time what has happened. But, we deal with them as best we can, and like good hitters, make adjustments so that when the next curve ball comes we can knock it out of the park. Then there are the curve balls of life. Little things, big things, whatever they are they change our perspective of our world.

Yesterday started off as just an average Thursday. Two classes, normal day. First curve ball – first class cancelled. The instructor had forewarned us that she had a medical appointment that might cause our class to be cancelled, so it was a tiny curve ball. No big deal – just a slight alteration. The day plugged along at its normal pace, no real surprises. Algebra brought a little frustration to the picture, but not really a curve ball, just a slight change-up (didn’t know I was a baseball fan, did you?). Got home, sat down at the supper table, checked my phone and curve ball number two comes sailing in by way of Facebook – 95 MPH and right in the heart of the strike zone!!!! A lady who had joined one of the cancer groups about a week ago commented on a picture. A picture of one of our fighters who left us a year ago this past June, Becca White. If you check back through my blogs, you will find my blog for Becca, “Making Sense of the Senseless”. Anyway, our new member is none other than Becca’s MOM! This was a good curve ball, I assure you. Because you see, even though we lost our Becca, we have all continued to remember her amazing spirit, and contagious sense of humor, even in the darkest of days. So, in honor of Breast Cancer Month, a picture of Becca was posted, and her mom commented. I had thought when she first joined the group, and talked of her daughter Becca that she had lost to breast cancer, that is was a wild coincidence but the little voice in the back of my mind said “no, that CAN’T be Becca’s mom!” Becca is a common enough name, so I dismissed my little voice. Maybe I won’t be so quick to do that next time. Anyway – Becca’s Mom, I was glad you found us before I knew of the connection – I’m even happier now.

Third curve ball made my day even better – another of our fighters, who has kicked breast cancer to the curb, found out a couple of weeks ago that there were thyroid tumors, and that surgery was indicated. Well, the news came just a couple of hours after the last curve ball that the surgery got it ALL, and that there are no cancerous cells showing up on her tests! WOOHOO! Take that, you insidious rat cancer!


So, I’m not asking you to do anything with this blog. Just be on the lookout for those curve balls – they can really make an average day fantabulous!!!!


Thanks for your time in reading this – feel free to share if you so desire.

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