I wrote this the night Emma passed away, and just realized I forgot to publish it.  MH

One word that has no answer sometimes. Why. Tonight, it has no answer. A beautiful little girl, just 6 years old, has left behind a grieving family, and thousands who prayed for the last two years that the monster that is brain cancer would relinquish its hold on her young life. That was not to be, and tonight, heaven has gained a smile as bright as the sun, a disposition equally as bright.
Cancer doesn’t like the question “why?”. Because it knows the more times that question is asked, the less times we as human beings are going to accept silence as the answer. I never got to meet Princess Emma, except through Facebook. Along with thousands of others, I cheered her triumphs, I shed tears over the set backs, and I prayed. Tonight, with thousands of others, my heart hurts. Tonight, I resolve to be there however I can for those she leaves behind. Her pain is over. For that, I am grateful.
Many of you know that I went to college so that I can learn, and be better able to help families who have to deal with cancer, as well as other life altering illnesses. I go forward, and now I take Emma’s memory with me. Fly high, beautiful.

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