We have all said it. “I’ll do it tomorrow.” “We will go tomorrow.” Well, what if you aren’t granted tomorrow. What if today is the last tomorrow you will have? I can hear you now, this woman has finally cracked, she has finally gone off the deep end from trying to do too much. No, I haven’t. Reality has stepped in and rang the wake up bell. Again.
I scroll through Facebook almost every day. Some days I’m on there quite a bit. But this afternoon, a post telling of the passing of a high school and junior high acquaintance caught my eye. Okay, it did more than that. It totally slapped me. It was my Ice Bucket Challenge with words. Seriously. He posted on Facebook on FRIDAY. Never a post about feeling poorly, hospital stays, nothing. Just nothing. Just gone.
You know, its hard to say goodbye to those who leave us. I always inwardly smile at the phrase “gone too soon”, because honestly, aren’t we all? Think about it, have you ever said “oh, good, it was time for he/she to die”? But when it is just like that, just that sudden, it shakes our very foundation. When someone has been ill, we have this little voice that begins to prepare us. When a loved one reaches a certain age, we begin to have that slight expectation in the back of our mind. But as we age, our perspective on dying changes. As we age, those who are dying are no longer of the older generation: they are our friends, our classmates, our spouses. There are still those of the older generation for me, for now. But it becomes increasingly more apparent that it isn’t that long until I am the older generation.
So, here I sit. Typing away when I should be getting ready for another week at college. I have a reason. I am challenging myself. There is no tomorrow now. It is time. I can no longer put off getting in better shape. I can no longer give myself excuses. Because, as I posted on my Facebook page, I want to read posts, many years in the future about how we (being my friends and family) lived a full life. I sure don’t want anyone posting about me being “gone too soon”.
Thank you for your time in reading this. Please feel free to share.

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