Sometimes I shouldn’t read what shows up in the text box before I start typing. “What’s on my mind?” Hmmmmm. It’s very easy to say what’s on my mind. Compassion. The meaning: “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering”.  I truly think this world needs to re-learn this definition, and put it into practice. Watch the news for five minutes – and tell me that you don’t feel some sort of sorrow about the events in the Middle East; the death of a young race car driver; the latest child forgotten in a hot car. Granted, you may feel anger. You may feel irritation. You may feel impatience at seeing news that you think doesn’t remotely have an impact on your daily life. But do you feel compassion? Do you feel sympathy for those who have had to bury their children because of the acts of others? Do you shed a silent tear thinking of the families that will never again be whole? Do you add a name to your prayers at night that those left behind to pick up the pieces may find some comfort somehow, somewhere? I have to believe that most people are touched by something or someone in some way that they feel compassion. But, there are times when I question my own beliefs.

What makes me question what I know, you might ask. Well, that is the reason behind this. I see the same news stories you do every day. I see posts on Facebook. I see the cruel, unfeeling comments; the nearly inhuman response to the suffering of other human beings. “I hope he rots in hell” “He deserved to die” “I hope he never recovers from his guilt” “He/She should be locked up forever” “The parents should be locked in a hot car like they left their baby”. I can go on. I am sure I don’t have to. You have seen them too. People who post prayers and well wishes, followed by the most heartless, cruel things you can possibly imagine.

These are a tip of the iceberg. I’m not going to write a book about this – my previous blogs go over my feelings on judgement, sympathy, support. This is a simple challenge. Do you have compassion? Not when its convenient, but every day, even for those you don’t approve of or like? Well?

Thanks for the time in reading this – share if you so desire.

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