One year.

365 days. A short time, really. In this case it seems so. One year ago today, I published my first blog. I took that first step. Who knew? One year later, here I am, a college student. Something I always wanted has become reality. In truth, because 365 days ago I hit the “publish” button. Because Mike Terrill told me I should really start a blog.

So here we are. June 19, 2014. Now I have 2 blogs, and am on the beginning of a path to be able to assist cancer patients, actually anyone dealing with chronic illness, and parents of children with disabilities. I will be able to make the paths of others a little easier than the path I have trod. I will be able to do things to help others who need it. It is an incredible responsibility, but one I look forward to shouldering.

June 19, 2014. The day when, in Curing Cancer With A Smile, Mike Terrill said goodbye. His road is winding to an end. He leaves all who have been touched by his incredible journey a little better, a little more aware, in general a better person with more compassion for their fellow-man, and a better understanding of the hell that is cancer. Thank you, Mike. Who knew a little idea of all of us walking together from coast to coast would have brought us this far. Much love, and prayers for peace, my friend.

Now, we go forward. I will blog as I can with the responsibilities of school. Cancer awareness will go on. I just wanted to tell my friend how much he has meant to me, and means to me, as well as thank you all for your support the last 365 days. The future holds no limits – lets see what we can make of it, shall we?

Thanks for your time in reading this – please feel free to share.

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