Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. A day set aside to thank the women (and men) who filled the role of mother, or who still fill that role. The caregivers, nurturers, cooks, laundresses, the ones who kissed the hurt away, dried the tears, who were simply there. The ones who only slept 2 hours, but cheerfully went off to work, came home, cooked supper, cleaned up the mess, and made sure you had everything you needed (sometimes doing without themselves). The one who sat up with you during the 48 hour flu. The one who patiently pulled the splinters out of your fingers (toes, knees, hands) while you screamed bloody murder. The one who patiently combed the bubble gum out of your waist length hair. For some, the one who spent endless hours next to your hospital bed for surgeries and illnesses. The one whose own tears were shed in silence, when no one could see, so you wouldn’t know. The one who got up running a fever of 102 to make sure you had a lunch to take to school. The one who made sure you had new clothes for school, even though she was in 6-year-old jeans. In some cases, the one who carried you for 9 months (give or take), went through labor with you, and has been there with you since second one. In others, she is the one who decided that you were worth her time and effort, and gave up a piece of her life to you. Some came in after you were well on your road of life, but none the less accepted you as you were, and loved you just as unconditionally. Some others are also known as Dad, or Grandpa, and fill the role as best they can, because they are the only parent figure in your life. There are many who wear the mantle of Mom. To every one of you – thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.

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