Holidays. It’s the Saturday before Easter. Yesterday was Good Friday. This weekend represents to the Christian world the greatest triumph – Christ’s triumph over death. Even for those who are not of that faith, the story of the Crucifixion garners pictures of hope – that no matter how brutal the tribulation, one can triumph.
Many people had a day off yesterday. Some have a day off Monday. Churches will be filled to overflowing in the morning, many having a Sunrise service to illustrate the glories of the resurrection, illustrating that as the sun rises, so did Jesus Christ. But I didn’t want to make this a religious posting.
For the cancer patient, their families – any patient of a life threatening or life changing illness and their families – there is no holiday. Oh, you go through the motions. You have the egg hunts. You have the Christmas tree. You have the fireworks on the 4th, or New Year’s Eve toasts. There is the turkey and all the trimmings in November, the scary costumes and sugar overload on All Hallows Eve. Bar-B-Ques on Memorial Day and Labor Day. Birthday parties, Anniversary dinners, family gatherings. But there is always an unwelcome guest. The cancer tags along. The diabetes comes for the fun. The arthritis lurks. The lupus eavesdrops on the conversations. Whatever it is, the life threatening illness, the terminal illness NEVER takes a holiday. It ingratiates itself into your every living, breathing moment, and every living breathing moment of those who love you. Nothing can be done without taking it into consideration.
Today is a rough day for me. Although it was on April 3, 1999, it, too, was the Saturday before Easter, when a thoughtless driver almost cost me everything. I got up this morning to see that a sweet young lady I have never met will be spending her Easter in the hospital because of stupid Cancer and its ramifications. My daughter was told her Uncle-In-Law’s girlfriend’s grandson is dying – from a brain tumor at 11 months old. A dear friend is suffering, because of cancer. Another friend is in major overload, having more going on with her little family than any 5 people should have to deal with, and its all on her, to the point she is having to push her cancer to the back burner to care for everyone else. I’m dealing with my annual spring war with pollen. And you know what? I’m ANGRY! This weekend is supposed to be a celebration of the resurrection – and for so many whom I love, whom I care for – its tarnished by the jealous illnesses who don’t want to allow anyone else to share the spotlight.
So, as you prepare those baskets for the little ones, the gargantuan meal for your family, as you sit in the pew thanking God for his Son – take 5 minutes – take 30 minutes – take an hour. Share your holiday with someone who is having to share theirs with an unwanted guest – terminal or chronic illness. Share a bit of your joy with others – and help them put their illness in shadow, for just a little while.
Happy Easter, everyone. Let us all learn the true value of happiness this year.
Thank you for reading – please feel free to share if you are so inclined.

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