I Want My Bucket To Make Sand Castles

So, I see multiple blog posts in a day. Today, I see Mike’s post about expiration dates, his daughter’s answer, and one about the nauseating ad campaign in the UK that seems to think there is such a thing as good cancer! So of course, it stands to reason that I would instantly get bucket lists in my head. Yep, bucket lists. You know, that 50 foot long list of things you want to do before, you know. The cruise, the go to all 50 states, the dance in a fountain, the go to every Nascar track, go to every Disney park, whatever. Now look at your list. No, really LOOK at it. Now, tell me, how many things on that list do you NEED? GASP! Not a single one???? Really??? Are you SURE??????

Okay, I say you need every single thing on that list. If it is important enough to put on your list, you need it. So, take off ALL the things you know there isn’t a snowball’s chance in the Sahara you are ever going to get to do. Oh, crap. Now the list is really short – maybe even non-existent. So, my question to you is this – if the list was so unrealistic, aren’t you just setting yourself up for disappointment? I’ll answer that one – YES. Your bucket list should be attainable things that will make you feel good – not pipe dreams that will never come true. Kinda like weight loss – make small goals, and check them off as you go. Do I mean stop dreaming – heavens, NO! If you really want to climb Everest, work toward it. But if you are 55 years old, 150 pounds overweight, and get winded walking in Wal-Mart, I would say it safe to say Everest just will have to be worshipped from afar. I mean, its your bucket list – put on it what you want to – but personally I want to be able to at least have a chance to do what’s on my list.

So now we have the list. What about the bucket? Do you want an antique bucket made for ice in a speakeasy? A brand new bucket made of hammered aluminum? A stainless steel bucket? A wooden bucket used in a well 100 years ago? A bucket chiseled from stone? A mop bucket? Wait a second here – you mean to tell me you haven’t picked out your bucket? Well – what are you going to put your list in? If it’s not in a bucket, it sure can’t be a bucket list. It would be a box list, or an envelope list, or a file folder list, or a purse list, or even a list in your Kindle or Nook or on the iPad – but if it’s not in a bucket, it is NOT a bucket list. Which leads me to the title of my post. My bucket – one of those cute little plastic ones that looks like it has four “legs” on the bottom, but when cram packed full of sand, and gently and lovingly turned upside down, it makes a perfect “Rapunzel let down your hair” turret. Because the biggest thing on my bucket list – I want to ENJOY however much life I have left by LIVING, and my sand castle bucket reminds me that I need to allow time to play, even at the age of 50.

So – wanna build a sand castle with me?

Thanks for you time in reading this – now go have FUN for 10 minutes at least; life will still be waiting on you when you return.

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