Half a Century

Wow. Half a Century. 50 years. Me – the early baby of middle aged parents, the 49th birthday present for my dad. At some places, I can get senior discounts now. So lets look back. 50 birthdays. There are a few that stand out.

The first one that enters my mind is 16. A milestone for anyone. For me, the first time I celebrated alone. 57 days before, the man with whom I shared the day of my birth left us, to watch us unseen for eternity. Happy 99th Birthday, Daddy.

21. That magic age when it is all legal. Except it is very interesting to go bar hopping on that magical day pregnant. I did. At the last stop, my loving husband of just a few months went to the door first and asked the doorman to card me, as no one had all night. Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris are really good, you know?

30. The birthday I was supposed to give myself a gift – the same gift I had given my dad. But, my son had different views, and arrived 13 days early, on the 14th. Still, the closest of my kids to being born on my birthday.

40. The birthday I cut my hair after almost 3 years.

And 50. Today. So far, a fantastic day with well wishes from around the world. What are my plans for the first year of my second half century? Well, I’m starting college in August, and plan to have a major celebration next year when I turn 51, to celebrate what would have been my dad’s 100th. Other than that, I am going to simply live every day. Do what I do. And enjoy it. After all – I can’t possibly grow up yet!

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