A priceless gift

Here we are. December 8, 2013. Many of you will be full into the holiday swing, shopping, wrapping, partying. Spending like the bank account was bottomless, only to bemoan the bills in January.

I got my decorations up two days ago, and they are a cheer to counteract the gray gloom outside, as we have temperatures that would support snow, but none arrived. As I did last year, I decorated the tree skirt as well, as there will once again be no presents under the tree. We give each other things all year long, take care of our needs (and some wants). My gift to myself this year was my application to college (after 33 years, I am finally going). My grandson’s gift was bought months ago, and will be delivered when the day gets here. Oh, and I ordered a new pair of reeboks. We got two new heaters. But there will be an absence of gaily wrapped packages – just like the past few years. Our present is simply being with each other. For the last few years, I have cooked a monster meal for my family. That isn’t happening this year – the money just isn’t there. Instead, three doctor appointments this month for hubby are in the budget.

Its okay – I know one year we will again get to shop for those we love, fail to keep secrets, and wake Christmas morning with a feeling that it is indeed a special day. But I discovered something yesterday. I have gifts every day. I wake up, and am able to get out of bed and care for my family. There are those who can’t. I have some aches and pains, but they are minor compared to those fighting for their lives. However, the biggest gift I have is my son, Ryan. He got in trouble yesterday. He got to a bottle of water, unscrewed the top, and poured it on his bed. Remember, it was in the low 30’s yesterday, with wind chills in the low 20’s, and not exactly broiling hot in the house. I was quite stern with him, and quite angry. Until he came out to the kitchen, got the last napkin, and took it to his bed and tried to dry it. I burst into tears. You know what? Nothing else matters. I have my family. I don’t need ribbons and bows.

I hope this holiday season finds you with the priceless gift of those you love, who love you. All the rest really means nothing without it.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

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