We all have our angels. Call it what you will – someone whose memory will stay with you, decades after their physical presence has left the earth. Someone whose voice you can hear as plain as the last time you actually heard it, when you find yourself in a situation they would have enjoyed. Someone whose countenance fills your dreams – leaving you to wake with a smile at a remembered time.

Angels – some who we still have, here with us, who seem to know just when to make the phone ring. Those who, with no prompting, know just when to send that crazy email, or tag you in that Facebook post sure to make you smile. The one who just shows up, for no apparent reason, except that they were “thinking of you”.

Angels – those who, be they living, or gone on, make the bad days bearable, the so so days special, and the good days great. We all have them. Some of them we call Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle. Some we call wife, husband, son, daughter, grandchild. Some we simply call a friend. All interwoven in the fabric of our lives, sometimes showing us the way to go – and sometimes showing us where we made the wrong turn.

Angels – those who love us, those who show us how to love, those who we love. All of whom remind us, every hour of every day, that while they are part of our lives, we too are part of theirs. All intermingled, all smaller parts of the homogenous whole.

Angels – those who are no longer here with us, but who we know will always be just a memory away, and part of everything we do. My family was granted a new angel tonight, and while her physical presence will be missed, she will always be one of our angels. Godspeed, Aunt Judy.

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3 Responses to Angels

  1. tammie downey says:


  2. ABSOLUTELY! I’ve had a few. 🙂 probably more than my share, here and in the Heavens. Thank the good LORD!

  3. wranglersrear says:

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