From the gut……*WARNING* very angry!

I just have to ask – what does it take to hate cancer? I went almost half a century – didn’t really give cancer a second thought. It was there, on the periphery. But I never truly LOATHED it. Until I opened my eyes, opened my heart, and truly looked at what it does.

So what does it do? People who have cancer have to take chemo and radiation that makes them super sick. Like sicker than you have ever been in your life times 10 sick. But wait, there’s more! If you are lucky, you do it once and done. But what if you have a recurring cancer? or terminal cancer – one they can slow but not stop? Or its only treatment option is surgery? Or it travels? Decides one part of the body isn’t enough – it’s a greedy monster, you know. It just starts taking over.


We must get the word out how horrible, how awful this disease continues to be. Forget the television commercials with the people all prettied up, and the trees and flowers and sunshine and smiles. Lets remove the shades from the reality. Lets take a page from my friend Mike Terrill’s book and tell about the nose bleeds, puking, loss of bodily function, loss of memory, depression, rage, all the HORRID things that go along with it. Yes, Mike’s fight is terminal – but he has chosen to make it public. Lets not sugar coat this crap anymore. CANCER KILLS PEOPLE! Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Spouses – and yes, CHILDREN. Why, you ask? I DO NOT KNOW! But I am tired of people sticking their head in the sand! I am fed up with people who are sick, who are dying having to fight to get help. I am tired of having posts creep through my news feed on Facebook – lost my mom today, lost my dad today, lost my child today because of CANCER!

Is my anger going to stop this monster – NO. But maybe, just maybe, if enough of us get downright ticked off – our combined anger will get the research going for CURES. New medicines that retard the growth of tumors are awesome. Drugs that extend someone’s life by decades are fantastic. But what if we didn’t NEED them anymore???? What if we take the knowledge we have, the technology we have – which is VAST, and turn it not toward new treatments – but toward not needing those treatments to begin with? Why is this so difficult? We have men in space. We can utilize medical science to allow women who just 20 years ago would have never been able to have a child, to now do just that. We have done absolutely amazing things with artificial limbs – people with prostheses are now able to do virtually everything people without them are – and more. We can transplant organs. We can make new organs. We have eradicated diseases that just half a century ago were rampant. Yet the American Cancer Society passes its 100th birthday and its “great, they are still supporting people who have cancer”. NO, NO, NO!!! Why has it had to be in existence over 100 years?????? I would rather see a “Going Out of Business” sign!

So maybe I’m not on the right track. Maybe its like the common cold, and we just won’t be able to get rid of it. Fine – lets develop medications and treatments to eradicate it. To eliminate it. To stop it dead in its tracks. Yeah, you might be sick for a little bit, but once we kill off those cancer cells its right back to your life. Wouldn’t that be awesome? So why aren’t we there yet????? Why are people still dying? Why are people still sick? I. DON’T.  KNOW.  I do know this – I am angry right now. You know what? I want to stay angry. I don’t want to be pacified. I want the world to know that cancer exists and it is not pretty. It is not fun. It DESTROYS. It HURTS. It NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant, and I apologize. My daddy always told me to keep my temper, but I think even he would forgive me in this case. Now please, please, please share this. Lets get the word out there. Lets put Cancer on notice, and take away the shadows it lurks in. Let’s show it for the ugly, insidious monster that it is. Thank you again.

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7 Responses to From the gut……*WARNING* very angry!

  1. tammie downey says:

    Amazingly written. And so fing true!

  2. NotDownOrOut says:

    Margie, I think there is an economic angle to all of this. Companies make lots of money off of treatment. Until we have a vaccination (a drug you can sell to everyone), cures are not as interesting as treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. And cancers that are survivable get so much more attention–like precancerous conditions–because care is prophylactic and may have to be repeated. I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but there are news stories about cures being ignored for economic reasons. E.g., (several theories); (dichloroacetate). I’m no scientist so cannot evaluate the claims, but the key to not developing these ideas is usually lack of patentability–a way to lock in profits for some period of time. I agree that we should be able to make bigger dents in this scourge.

    • Like I said to someone in the group yesterday, I don’t know about that, but my thinking is if the clamor gets loud enough it can’t be ignored. It was just one too many yesterday – and to be honest it needs to be that impetus daily.

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