Making sense of the senseless

As I write this, my heart breaks. As I have said, I have become very involved with Curing Cancer With A Smile, supporting and comforting those fighting cancer, caring for those with cancer, or others like me, who just offer a shoulder or an ear whenever we can. One of our fighters is Becca White. Becca is always quick with a funny remark, just when things start getting to serious. She is vocal in her hatred of cancer, her desire that it be gone. She loves Betty Boop, and sees herself as a Superhero fighting the evil villain Cancer. She always tickles me when she says she is getting out her smoter! To smote cancer! When she wants to make us smile, she talks of “unicorns farting rainbows”.

Becca has breast cancer. She had a mastectomy in June – on that day she asked everyone in the group to post pictures wearing bras on their heads, to celebrate her getting rid of her “death booby”. She came through the surgery fine, went home to her brother’s to recover from surgery. But something went terribly wrong. For whatever reason, Becca now lies in a California hospital, unresponsive and on life support. Her EEG yesterday showed no brain activity. If this does not change, chances are she will be removed from life support tomorrow. Every time I even think those words is like being kicked in the gut. It knocks the very breath from me. All she wanted was for the cancer to be gone, so she could go back to raising her children. Now this.

I have never met Becca face to face – but that doesn’t matter. What matters to me, right now, is doing something. Getting rid of this feeling of helplessness. So, in my mind I think “What would Becca do? How would she help us make sense of the senseless?” The answer is right there, right in front of me. Becca would be right there with kind words of encouragement, followed by angry words. Words reminding everyone that this disease is horrible, and that we must get the word out there. Research must be funded, a cure found. Prevention instituted. Because this disease should not ever be allowed to do this to anyone ever again!

So I ask, for Becca, please. Donate, volunteer, support – however you can.  Go to your local Relay For Life and cheer on the Survivors and Caregivers. Check with your local hospital and see what you can do. You don’t have to have money to help make someones day a little brighter. Bug the fire (sorry, southernism) out of your congressmen, senators, governors, whoever you can think of. Get cancer back to page one news. People with cancer, and any other life threatening or life changing illness, face so much more than just being sick. Educate yourself. Learn what you can do to try to prevent yourself from ever, ever having to walk where a cancer patient walks.  If you can, offer to take a patient to and from treatments. Donate a day of house cleaning or yard work. WHATEVER!!!! But if we all pull together, we CAN eradicate this abomination!!!  In the interim, we CAN make the lives of those who are fighting for theirs a little easier. There are thousands of Becca’s out there – maybe with different forms of cancer, but fighting all the same. Look around you – your neighbors, coworkers, people at church, school, cheering on the little league team – chances are you interact daily with someone whose life is touched by cancer or serious illness. Find out what you can do!! If you can donate money, that’s amazing! That will go so much farther for a cure. But if you can’t, give your time. Give your talents – whatever they may be.  YOU are the difference that is waiting to be made!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words. It means a lot to  me. But most of all, thank you, Becca, for showing all of us that, with enough hope, faith, a unicorn farting rainbows, and a proper smoter – we can get through whatever life throws our way, and make sense of the senseless. God Bless You, my friend.

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