Something Needs Doin’

This is a note I wrote on my facebook page the other day. Decided it would be my first blog.

Ok, I have had this thought rolling around in my head for a while now – getting larger and larger. I posted a little about it and a dear friend asked me to put it in a format that could be shared – so here goes.

Have you noticed that the serious illnesses have been “watered down” in the public consciousness? I have. When I was a kid, someone would say “Oh No, He (or She) Has CANCER!” Now, its, “oh man, he (or she) has cancer)”. No capitals, no exclamations, no dismay. Same with leukemia, diabetes, lupus, hell, even AIDS. Any other life threatening or life changing disease. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, ALS, I could go on and on. Why is that? Why, when we turn on the evening news, or one of the morning newsmagazines, do we hear ad nauseum about Kim Kardashian, or who has a new reality show, or Honey Boo Boo, or who got botox – but we don’t hear that daily literally thousands of our countrymen and women are fighting – fighting for their very lives, the lives of their husband, wife, daughter, son, girl friend, boy friend, cousin, mom, dad, grandparent – whatever the relationship. You don’t hear about it unless something spectacular happens, like a celebrity takes a handicapped child to their prom, or whatever.

When I was a kid, cancer was huge. It was depicted as this horrid, ugly monster type thing that KILLED people! Now its been watered down to the level of toilet paper. People don’t have that horror. I think we need that horror back. I think we need cancer in the forefront – all the big diseases that have been around for decades, and that have no answers. Who gives a rats tootie about the sex life of some owl no one has ever heard of, or whether or not brown spotted graybirds (made up name) have migration patterns that go over an oil refinery? For the love of all that is right, I can pick up my smart phone and have a face time conversation with anyone in the world who has the same capability. I can get on the internet and see what the weather is in Sri Lanka right now, in real time! I can Skype someone, and actually talk face to face with someone I have never met! But Doctors still tell people, every day, there is nothing we can do, you are going to die. We can transplant lungs, hearts, livers, kidneys. We can give you bone marrow and possibly reverse your leukemia. But with all out technology, we can’t figure out why you have cells in your body that are attacking your healthy cells and destroying them. We can’t figure out how to stop this abomination!

I’m saying yes we can!!! We MUST!!! The important things must return to the forefront. What if all these horrid diseases are simply chemical reactions? What if, like baking soda and vinegar, unless they are mixed they are harmless alone? What if, even more interestingly, it is more than two components, but rather 3 or 4 that have to mix at just the right moment? If so, why can’t we find this and stop it??? Why????? We have sent people to the moon – we have humans in space on the international space station right this very second. We do surgery on babies before they are even born!!!! So WHY????? Why are these horrors still very much a part of the fabric of our lives??? Lifestyle???? Possible. Probable. So why is it that not all smokers develop lung cancer? Why do some who have never smoked develop it? Why is it that only some people develop diabetes, and not everyone who eats sugar? Why is it that some people have high cholesterol, while someone else, who ate the exact same diet, has no problems? That is the question we must again ask. Why???? But unlike generations that have gone before, we must not accept “I don’t know” as an answer. We MUST find those answers. They are there. We have found some of them. The rest are there. We must push. We must demand. We must do whatever it is we have to do to eridicate these diseases! We have some that are now just history. There must be more. We must ignite in our children, grandchildren, the indignation, the anger against these illnesses. Our passivity must end. Now. Today.

So the question arises what can we do? That’s where you come in. Volunteer. Help. Donate. I know many of you are where we are, and don’t have an extra dime to spare. But how much time do you have? Can you spend an hour on facebook? Then you can spend an hour chatting online with someone who needs their spirits lifted. Do you spend a couple hours a day playing a game online? Then you could spend a couple hours helping someone navigate the waters of insurance claims. Can you volunteer somewhere? If you don’t have time, can you drop your magazines off in the waiting room of a doctors office, or an intensive care unit, or a cancer center? Can you donate those books that are gathering dust? The possibilities are endless!!! YOU, yes YOU can make a difference. You might not discover that cure, that magic pill that fixes it all. But every single one of us can do something. Anything. But all of us can push. All of us can demand. The answers are there – I know they are. Lets find them.

If you have any ideas as to how to progress, how to move forward, how to make this first and foremost, please, by all means let me know – or just take the ball and run with it! There are many of your fellow men and women and children who will benefit. So lets get rolling. A few years ago, the California Angels had a slogan “Yes, We Can”.  Lets revive it. YES WE CAN! One step at a time.

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One Response to Something Needs Doin’

  1. wranglersrear says:

    Well, I’ll tell ya. You are taking the first step. If more people started blogging on this issue, more of the 1600 that we have in ” Curing Cancer with a Smile!” and others, then the word gets out. Why have we lost the Capitalization ? Because we have gotten Complaisant with Cancer. It is all over the place now. Now all we have to do is remind People of how horrible it is. And this is that first step …….

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